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Topic: Spectre of campaign finance past

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El Supremo

Following up on Walling tip

Joe Lawlor | Flint Journal
By Joe Lawlor | Flint Journal

on April 24, 2009 at 12:19 PM, updated April 24, 2009 at 2:21 PM
Here's what I've learned about the Dayne Walling accusations that have been surfacing recently. Walling is one of six candidates running for mayor in the May 5 primary. He's the only white candidate, and he lost a close election to former Mayor Don Williamson in 2007.

I'm just going to give this to you straight, with no opinion from me. Apparently, complaints have been filed with the state, according to a packet I received anonymously this week. There are rumors that it came from the Greg Eason campaign. I asked Eason about it, and he told me he had no knowledge of the accusations.

Who distributed the packet is conjecture. The following are the facts as I know them. Feel free to weigh in.

In Walling's 2007 campaign finance report, he fails to list the address for Public Network Consulting. He spent approximately $43,000 on the group.

More after the jump.

Walling said it was an oversight, and when he was contacted about it, he provided the address to the Genesee County elections officials.

The consulting group is a joint venture between former mayor and current state representative Woodrow Stanley and political activist Charles Winfrey, Walling told me.

Winfrey in 2007 ran a campaign office on Clio Road for Walling, and Walling said several staffers were paid out of that $43,000.

The anonymous letter insinuates that Walling was trying to hide that the company was a front for Stanley, making hay over the lack of an address and that apparently the name of the group slightly off. (Walling had it listed as Public Network Consulting, while the letter says the group's full name is Public Sector Consulting Group)

Walling said this is nothing more than a paperwork error, and that it was well known that Stanley supported Walling in 2007. Although I haven't talked directly to Stanley, by all accounts he's stayed neutral during this primary.

"When you submit a 200+ page document to the county, could we have made a few mistakes? Sure," Walling said. "The folks who are mudslinging should stop fighting old battles. We're in 2009 now."

Doreen Fulcher with the Genesee County elections told me that there's no fine for a missing address or other missing information on a campaign finance report. If, however, it could be proven that there was an intentional effort by the campaign to mislead, misdemeanor charges would be possible.

There are other accusations in the information I received, but none of the others are fully traceable through public records, so I'm not going into them at this point.

00sl2 May 1, 2009
Check the Michigan DLEG at http://www.dleg.state.mi.us/bcs_corp/sr_corp.asp for corporate names.

Public Sector Network Consulting Group, Inc., originally incorporated in 2003 by Loyst Fletcher (who has been used as independent legal counsel by the Flint City Council). Look at all its records online, Woodrow Stanley definitely affiliated. So was his wife on the 2004 annual report. The latest (2007) annual report shows Woodrow Stanley as President. The general nature and kind of business is "Political and public sector (government) consulting." Stanley was running for state rep which also has campaign contribution limits. "Consulting fees" to get around campaign contribution limits?

Doesn't Jim Ananich's also have a political consulting business? Ananich and Associates, LLC, dated 12/31/2008, filed 01/15/2009. Jim was a legislative aide to former state Sen. Bob Emerson, who lost a close state House Democratic primary in 2004. Has Bachelor's degree in political economics from Michigan State University. If he's not running for city council again, what's next in his political future?

alexharris Apr 30, 2009
FWTBT, you're a bright person my friend & I've not failed to appreciate that fact. In the past I have gone out of my way to recognize your keen insights. While we obviously see the two-edged sword of Woodrow & Williamson support in an entirely different light, I certainly appreciate both can bring pluses & minuses to any candidate they support. I won't bother restating why I personally have no use for a candidate who seeks their favor, but I do believe you've fallen victim to looking backwards rather than forwards when evaluating the positive benefits to having the support of either. Whatever success either Stanley or Williamson had in the past has been greatly overshadowed by how both were driven out of office as the chief executive of Flint. I firmly believe you to be in error in the evaluation of Stanley's current relative strength. When he barely edged Chris Martin in the County Commish race, he finished on top because A.C.Dumas scraped off approx. 900 voters that chose not to vote for Woodrow. In that 2008 House Democratic primary, Woodrow's victory came in a field of very little known candidates. I found it fascinating that in a House district with approx. 83% black constituency, Woody only got approx. 55% of the vote. Those 2 most recent contested elections alone tells me his support in the black community has greatly eroded. As far as the Nov.' 07 mayoral election, though admittedly without concrete basis that would only come from an effective exit polling, I saw clear evidence of Walling having lost support in the white community because of the taint of Woodrow. I also believe the majority of Walling's approx. 45% black support against Williamson was a direct result of being anti-Williamson votes regardless of Woodrow's "endorsement." * In other words my friend, Walling, while over-relying on Stanley to help court black voters who weren't going to vote for Don, he may have adversely effected the white support necessary to win the mayor's race. The evidence of that really comes down to the fact in both the campaign against Kincaid in '99 & with the Recall Election of March ' 02, Stanley's support in the white community had declined to well less than 10%. * Anyway, I'll give it a rest & just sum up by saying we can simply agree to disagree on the relative value of any current candidate acquiring the support of two unqualified failures such as Don Williamson & Woodrow Stanley. A.H.


Avatar for jacobsmith
jacobsmith Apr 27, 2009
In a race composed of all second rate hacks I find the comments here to be hilarious. PO36 has to be one of the most under informed human beings on the planet. If they are Poplar or not, they are certainly proving to be just as incompetent.

Someone asked how Mays/Davenport could run for office? Easy! A city that would elect a convicted felon, used car thief, eight grade dropout, and fool to be mayor then REELECT after he had displayed his incompetence will elect anyone.

The Walling attacks are just a side show to the fact that he proved in a debate he was not capable of being Mayor, the problem is that NONE of the other candidates are. Neeley was bought by Williamson, Eason associates with Poplar, Mays is a tool of Williamson, Clack has demonstrated nothing but the ability to win elections. Then we get to the bottom of the barrel, Buchanan, the single worst human being of all those running, if he is elected Flint will get what it deserves, a self serving, second rate hack who has already proven that Daddy Don W is his only Lord.

And PO36,
If you really think Walling might not make it out of the primary then you will want to stop talking about him quite so much. If a candidate is not doing well, the worst thing you can do in keep bringing up there name and keeping them fresh in everyones minds. For example, I bet Walling has never said Eason's name in public and his campaign has been absent from these message boards. Based on the quality of his web site, I'm sure walling's folks could blow up these boards with anti-everyone posts. But they don't, they just stay on message. You might want to take some notes.

Also, I have said I don't have a stake in this race and that is still true. However, I would be glad to wager just about amount of money that Walling takes the top spot next week. I don't even expect it to be close.

But just for full disclosure, as a political junkie, Eric Mays has been my favorite candidate in this race. Who even thinks of running a campaign like an Amway distributorship? That is one of those classic Flint moves that I will be telling non-flint people about for years; and they won't even believe me.

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mbjm Apr 25, 2009
I can not agree to Walling being the best candidate to be elected mayor. I took the opportunity to investigate on the allegations that Walling did not accurately report all pertinent required information on his 2007 mayoral campaign finance report.

As I reviewed Walling's campaign finance report, I surprisingly discoverd that Walling reported spending over $43,000 dollars with Public Network Consulting (PNC). On the report he omitted the address for Public Net Work Consulting Co., but he included the addresses for all other vendors and persons that he did business with. This drew a red flag for me.

According to the Department of State Elections Laws it is a misdemeanor violation punishable by jail time and or a fine to deliberately omit the addresses of all vendors or persons that a candidate did business with from a campaign finance report.

Also, Eric Mays publicly stated that Walling paid him $12,000 dollars for consulting fees and that he (Mays)reported the $12,000 dollars consulting fees to the IRS. However in the finance report submitted by Dayne Walling he reported paying Eric Mays $2,000 dollars Mays also stated that he had a canceled check in the amount of $3,000 dollars that was given to him by Walling for a consulting retainer fee. This amount also was not reflected in Walling's campaign report.

Again bringing into question Walling's honesty, integrity and truthfulness and why did he feel the need to hide pertinent information from his finance report.

Again I began to question just why would Walling deliberately omitted the address for Public Network Consulting company and just who was this company.

So I began to inquire certain information and I learned that there is no company called Public Network Consulting listed with the State of Michigan nor with the Genesee County Business records.

Also I learned that the Genesee County Election Division recently contacted Walling's treasurer requesting the address for Public Network Consulting. Walling's treasurer phoned the Genesee County Election Division with the address of the alledged Public Network Consulting. The address given was po box 441 Flint, MI 48501. Walling knew the address all along but chose not to provide the information as required by law. Why?

Because my investigation clearly indicated that there was no company that existed with the name Public Network Consulting, I began to seek information on who was p.o. box 441.

What I disturbingly disocvered, was that p.o. box 441 belongs to Woodraw Stanley and the correct company name is Public Sector Consulting Group not Public Network Consulting as reported by Walling.

Dayne Walling needs to explain to the people, why he felt a need to conceal the correct information about doing business with Woodraw Stanley/Public Sector Netword Consulting Group in access of $43,000 dollars,and why did he not report the correct amount of monies that he gave to Eric Mays?

Also, the mere fact that Walling wanted so desperately to win the 2007 mayoral election, that he would deliberatley go as fas as concealing that he gave to Flint former recalled mayor, Woodraw Stanley, over $43,000 dollars for campaign consulting fees. I can not and will not support Walling for mayor. His relationship with Woodraw Stanley and is untruthfulness is to risky.

We all know that Woodraqw Stanley and Don Williamson were Crooks to the point of bankrupting our city. We can not take this risk with Dayne Walling.

As a citizen I am in the process of submitting a complaint with the IRS and the State of Michigan Election Laws Division requesting an investigation into this serious matter.
Post Tue Aug 15, 2017 5:29 am 
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