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ronald barry robinson

Cop killings, police brutality, citizens and gangs killing each other. FBI index crimes escalating, parents killing there children and others stuffing there murdered children in garbage bags and dumpsters or throwing lifeless bodies in gargage landfields and incinerators like so much unwanted trash.
Flint, Michigan and its inhabitants are no better off than Iraq or Afganistan and others of third world mentality. The only things missing so far have been car bombings and human beings blowing themselves up. "But stay tuned" remember Flint it seems is "now"a third world city and has alot of third world country mentalities. This human tragedy is effecting countless thousands. Flint has lost its morality. Daily shooting, home invasion, drug selling and other related FBI index crime numbers are climbing. Flint, Michigan needs help now and fast. Martial law needs to be declared. The U.S. Justice Department is needed "now." Especially since Flint has been designated as its target city. For help and more information call the U.S. Dept of Justice Mrs. Seeley at (1-313-226-4010). It's a damn shame that the good citizens have to barricade themselves up in there homes for fear of being murdered, robbed, kidnapped or assaulted. This is not supposed to happen in a civilized society. White on white crime, black on white crime, white on black crime, black on black crime, ethnic intimidation, bigotry and racism rather directed at individuals, groups, the work place or in the schools is running rampant and has reached unprecedented and unexceptable highs. The time for talking, praying, marching and commissions and debates on crime is over. The time for waiting for the politicians and appointed individuals to protect our city and its citizenry is over. Because it seems they can't or won't stop this assault on humanity. These cowards are scared of the punks and other law breakers. We need to get rid of them and choose someone that really cares and that will speak up and protect us all. "No more excuses". This assault on humanity must be stopped by any and all means necessary. People we must stand up to the leaders and the punks or we will very well become a crime statistic or worse a death statistic. Citizens of Flint stop being afraid and take a stand for once in your life while you still can. From the crime statistics we are all in great jeopardy and on borrowed time. "We must stand up to these thugs, dope dealers, murders, wanna-be gangsters, pedophiles. Take back our city neighborhoods, schools, work places". Enough is enough.
Post Wed Nov 18, 2009 1:58 pm 
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Martial Law does not needed to be declared ! Yeah,you advocate this in the era of Obama, would you be so quick to say that when Bush was in office? I don't want martial law declared at all and I live here in the city Ronald. I dont trust the cops or the military being allowed to go that far when it is not needed. What we need is a nice huge warehouse to put the people the cops pick up to be kept in and not just released .
Post Thu Nov 19, 2009 2:00 am 
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We need police but unfortunately protecting Flint residents from each other is apparently not as important as protecting us from the Taliban and Al Qaeda.

Adam - Mysearchisover.com - FB - Jobs
Post Thu Nov 19, 2009 9:40 am 
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larry flint

whats to be scared about? no one in this city i mean no one
will do whats needed with that being said what is needed
how will that help
it will take away the low rent for the low lifes duh far streach there
take that away and the low lifes move to detroit or garry indiana
quit giving money to people who over and over have there hands out
end result
jobs jobs jobs welfare drops hope grows
cut liqure license buy 70% make them all be in a lottery for one
hey pull cars over and search them enforce laws like up to date insuranse
hey north end if you see a group of young say 15 to 30 y/o black males walking and hanging around a corner all wearing hoodies with em up good cance there selling dope but dont profile
hey east side if you see 2 black guys walking a white girl and there on bikes theres a good chance there pimps the shootings well there drug related so run the dealers out dont give them a foot hold theres no money in low level drug dealing take away where they set up if you make an aresst at a property seize it and tear it down 1st offense grandmas place or not imidiate eviction problem solved
theres a saying think globaly act localy
if i had a rat in my house id hunt it down and kill it
our city is infested with rats but as a group we decide to live with them
so i ask anybody got a better more effective plan i doubt it
Post Thu Nov 19, 2009 10:25 am 
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ronald barry robinson

First of all to 1pissedofguy. Flint is not in this situation by itself our problems are mirrored across this nation. I don't care who is president. I would have suggested that perhaps martial law should be imposed and the the U.S Justice Department be called in until this city gets a good handle on its problems. I truly understand your concerns as it relates to the government and law enforcement. But remember your tax dollars pays there salaries, make them protect you and do whats right. Flint has the ear of the U.S. Justice Dept and it must use this source. That contact number is in my earlier post. The situations of lawlessness, racism and bigotry will only get worse "mark my words". All the citizens of Flint are getting is alot of "LIP" service from those that are in charge rather its the politicians or the clergy while people are being killed, drugs are as plentiful as aspirins in a drug store, violent crime is rising. To Adam when America's policy of killing or looking the other way while millions of innocent men, women and children are slaughtered in Europe, Africa and the middle east continues we (USA) will face these terrorists. And those terrorist groups will only get larger. Even in our own state of Michigan militia groups have grown larger, And across our nation militia/terrorists groups have grown by the hundreds according to the Southern Poverty Law Center. Who's job is to track these groups. There contact number is 1-334-956-8200. There email address is www.intelligencereport.org. If your not comfortable with this source contact your local law enforcements intelligence divisions. These militia's in many ways could be called terrorists or extremists.. How do you expect for those mothers, fathers and others to feel when they are picking up pieces of blown-up body parts of there loved ones and those of the innocent? Racism, Greed, Bigotry, joblessness, hunger, homelessness breeds hatred and resentment. When people feel hopelessnes/despair and there loved ones have been killed or imprisoned and they have nothing left and no one to turn too or nothing left to live for. Those combinations can be deadly.
Post Thu Nov 19, 2009 11:23 am 
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Hey Ron,, it aint the white superamicts groups killing blacks, it is blacks, does the Southern Poverty Law Center not see that fact? As always Ronnie, you are being melodramatic , I understand you don't even live in this here town. I do, I am not pushing the panic button. Hell it is a stinkhole to live in but trust me we don't need check points with military personnel checking our id's and all that crap Ronnie. Do you even know what the hell goeson uder martial law? I live here , I am not willing to endure all that crap. If you move here and STILL want martial law, then maybe I will say okay to that, but don't be advocating for crap you don't have to deal with just for your OVERLY dramatic effect.
Larry Flint's suggestions are far easier to carry out and live under than your cry for martial law, hell it would be the same military already strained to the limits in Afghanistan and Iraq that would be botching things here dude.
Post Fri Nov 20, 2009 7:20 pm 
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ronald barry robinson

To 1pissedoffguy. I lived in flint for over 20 years. Was a candidate for Flint city council. I still work in Flint. I've been in the military and work for state government. So don't try and tell me I don't know whats going on in Flint. Blacks don't have a monopoly on killing. If your a person of another color "white" or other, check your own history books. Perhaps you should change your "Moniker" to 1misinformed guy?
Post Sat Nov 21, 2009 12:08 am 
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Ronald, I know my history, I know human history, know whites killed whites ,hell look at ww 1 and ww2. Your cry for martial law is still wacked, really is. If curfews were put up and people got stopped and all that I just can see you be the first one bitching about it. I dont want to give the feds any more juice here, you complain about police killings, hell the military has FULLY automatic weapons , do a real nice job of killing a bunch of people all at one time, is that what you want?
Post Sat Nov 21, 2009 1:11 am 
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larry flint

i see its just more talk
no plan nothing no ideas that can be implemented in our budget
just crap talk
martial law that's not going to happen

bunch of yakkers

whats wrong with tearing down the vacants and camera on every corner and enforcing laws
other states run on revenue created by traffic stops
so can our town
Ron berry Ive seen you on tv and the Internet i must admit you do seem smart but really pissed
well how do you think the rest of the tax base feels about the low life's in this city.
were pissed too
i got a real plan with these cameras that wont cost us crap
an aggressive forfeiture law for drug offenses will pay for the whole thing

liberal democrats hiding in numbers of a giant crowd and a BS vote squad like acorn and the ACLU and NAACP allow for the protection of rights of
straight up disease infested scum that no one with any morals or brains wants as neighbors

so since Ron your a so called leader of your community and your now scared

just go in your kitchen and double check all your locks and do what ever it is you do maybe talk some more crap that just incites fear to idiots
or get real and stand up to your damm town and say what needs to be done

oh just forget it its above your head

and would just be to heavy on your heart to force a sittuation where people are truly responsable for there own actions
what a jerk
Post Sat Nov 21, 2009 10:34 am 
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Ryan Eashoo


Flint Michigan Resident, Tax Payer, Flint Nutt - Local REALTOR - Activist. www.FlintTown.com
Post Sat Nov 21, 2009 6:21 pm 
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Larry Flint's ideas are more "do able " that getting martial law declared. And so what that you were in the military and worked for the state Ronald, what the hell does that have to do with anything when the question was do you know what living under martial law entails? You Black leaders would be the first to whine it was "profiling" when a car load of black guys went through a check point and someone says something and it gets out of hand and someone gets maced or peppered sparyed or worse. I dont want to live under conditions of martial law, I live here in the city ,you dont. And I doubt if many actually found out what martial law means how living under it would work out would be down with it Ronald. Curfews, restricted traffic due to check points, increased police powers, oh yeah I want to see this implemented. Tell you what Ronnie, if you are really on board with this, move into Flint yourself as symbol of unity then we will discuss the implementation of martial law. Deal?
Post Sat Nov 21, 2009 9:46 pm 
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ronald barry robinson

Mr. Flint I'm not a leader in the Flint area, nor am I scared of the punks or other law breakers that inhabit this town or any other. Nor am I some superman. I'm just a hard working individual, parent and husband like millons of others in this nation. In my forums what I suggested are only suggestions. We must start somewhere. I've been to so many meetings, forums and prayer vigils, marches, conferences on crime it's ridiculous. The people are sick of the bull shit from our leaders and want real results. I'm a victim of violence and members of my family have been victims, In fact I've had 3 members of my family murdered so I know full well what I'm talking about on that subject. And I'm sure you have had family members that were victims of crime in one way or another or you know of someone. Tearing down vacant buildings is just one sympton but the punks will only move on to some other neighborhood. A viable and workable plan has to be implemented. But it won't succeed unless flint gets a real handle on its problems. No employer in there right mind will ever invest or come to flint under it's present crime situations and with upwards of a 30 percent unemployment rate and a educational graduation rate of less than 40 percent. I don't care what your mayors 21st century vision is. Success is getting the crime rates under control, educational houses in order and creation of thousands of liveable wage jobs so that a tax base is sustainable. Ps, television is what it is TV. Everyone has an opinion. I'm just fortunate or perhaps lucky to have a program thats seen worldwide on the internet via flinttalkradio.com The "In My Opinion" Show with Ronald Barry Robinson and friends. Shows are also on comcast cable television channel 17 every Saturday at 6 P.M. and Wednesday at 8:30 P.m and on Detroit, Michigan's comcast cable television channel 68 at various times.
Post Sat Nov 21, 2009 11:00 pm 
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larry flint

well sir sorry for all your loss genuinely ..

however seriously Mr Robinson that's the game your playing is leader with your show and post

so whats your plan just a little talk show

that it

well be it,, just a suggestion

recognize anymore flint is a gas stop at the corner of 69/75 business wise

we got a population of around 110k give or take

and housing for 160k

that needs to be cut to housing for 85 k to give any value to it at all

we got the man power and tools to do the job in stock

well traffic police can generate millions

and with the lager yards and higher true values brings pride "another sin as is sloth"

criminals well they are just going to have to move because lets face it there low rent eliminate it were an easy commute to anywhere and with the consistent crime drop do to the cameras and the traffic stops

well our value as a whole goes up our little flint society

as for where they go who cares YOU
look you cant save the world but we can take good care of our piece of it
80 houses for 120 k on Craig's list last week
city op budget around 60 mill
its simple math to a better flint
either way good or bad
my ways cheaper more effective lots of winners and losers but the winners
are those of us that see things on a simple plane and are responsible
oh well i don't know every time i give an honest solution to a societal problem it gets tooo oh ACLU and that's it

dollars and cents supply and demand
aggressive gorilla marketing techniques applied to a city

i got nothing else to do i need a job
Post Sun Nov 22, 2009 2:55 am 
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