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Topic: Walling for Michigan legislature?

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El Supremo

During the 2009 Mayoral election to replace Williamson, who stepped down in February, Flint City Beat reporter Joe Lawlor (Mlive) wrote "Following up on a tip" about a discrepancy in Walling's Campaign Finance Report. (April 24, 2009) An anonymous packet showed up and made a reference to complaints filed with the state over the 2007 election that Walling lot to Williamson.
Greg Eason was rumored to be the packet sender, but he denied the allegation.
Absent was an address for Public Network Consulting, a political consulting group that Walling said was a joint venture between then state representative Woodrow Stanley and political activist Charles Winfrey.
Winfrey ra the Walling campaign headquarters o Clio Road and some of he $43,000 went to staffers.
"The anonymous letter insinuate that Walling was trying to hide the fact that the company was a front for Stanley, making hay over the lack of an address and that the name of the group was slightly off. (Walling had it listed as Public Network Consulting , while the letter says the group's full name is Public Sector Consulting group.)
There were other allegations which Lawlor did not address because they could not be verified.

Actually Jim Kiertzner walked into the Walling headquarters in 2007 and encountered Walling and Stanley working on a strategy. The aired video was used in the "puppet ad " by Williamson. A flyer used during the 2017 recall also used the puppet theme with an ark. Experienced .consultants scanned the material and linked to one political consultant that favored both the particular font used and the puppet theme. The puppet wa used in Burton and Walling used it against Weaver, unsuccessfully.
A comment posted by mbjm on April 25 stated the belief that using this company came with future promises of what Walling would for Stanley. This poster also tracked down the identity of the consulting company. through the PO Box 441, Flint 48501. The name used by Walling was not registered at the county or state level.

Also missing from the report was the correct amount paid to Eric Mays. mbjm noted "Also, Eric Mays publicly stated he was paid $12,000 in consulting fees by Walling while Walling only showed $2,000". Mays said he had proof of a $3,000 check that was not on the campaign report either.
The findings of mbjm caused him to question the honesty and integrity of Walling.
Post Thu Feb 15, 2018 12:17 pm 
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