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Topic: Urban development theories just recycle

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El Supremo

[i[PDF]Theories of Urban Development
59. Theories of Urban Development. A Late Night Phone Call. Late on a May evening in 1986, Newark political consultant Gustav Heningburg1 received a phone call from Robert Van Fossan, the CEO of the Mutual Benefit Life Insurance Company and one of the most influential business leaders of the city. It was a Tuesday ..][/i]
Post Sun Jan 21, 2018 8:13 am 
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El Supremo

I was going through some old articles when I re-discovered this one and was amazed at how much it was "Flint" and Genesee county today. The author begins with a discussion of the close symbiotic relationships the develop in larger cities between "the business elite and the urban politicians." Focusing on the election of Mayor Sharpe James in Newark, the work is a 1990's description of the dynamics of the role of municipalities and their role of pursuing economic development , which sometimes occurs at the expense of "neighborhood residents and other valuable shareholders."

" Conflicts over the ideas and practices of development remain a fundamental sticking point in the many attempts to revitalize urban areas. In both postwar and modern urban theory the friction point is the disputed ability of the public to participate in the economic development process."

(page 68 ) "The combination of political and business interests pushing economic growth frequently does not wait for grass-roots opposition to develop, but seeks to eliminate all potential challengers from the moment the project begins. The theorists support their arguments y the many ways public opposition to development projects can e undermined y special tactics of the pro-growth alliance. " 'When residents claims on behalf of use values threaten to undermine growth, the government can turn back the challenge, either by invoking police power or distracting dissidents with payoffs,' (Logan, Molotch, 4 )"
Post Sun Jan 21, 2018 8:42 am 
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El Supremo

The use of the police to discourage dissidents is never more obvious than the use of the police and the Concerned Pastors to create a sham public hearing in order to arrest those who dared to speak against The current administration. Thankfully the ACLU intercede against this violent endeavor by the Flint Police, the Church and Weaver and the charges were dropped.

The police also enforced a non-existent rule that contradicted Michigan's open carry law when they blocked City Hall with a dazzling show of force. This was despite the groups nonviolent presence at previous City Hall meetings.

Residents were shocked at police in uniform and police vehicles used almost gestapo like tactics to threaten those who signed petitions to Recall Mayor Weaver. The Judge in the resultant case noted this was an inappropriate use of the police for a "civil Matter".

Then there was a controversy over an apparent "Hatch Act" complaint about the Flint Police Chief campaigning for Weaver in apparel identifying his official status and using official vehicles.

Taken together, there is an obvious conclusion that this is Weaver's private police force. My opinion is based the administration's actions.
Post Sun Jan 21, 2018 9:03 am 
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