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ronald barry robinson

It's time for change in Genesee County. We have an opportunity to positively impact the city of Flint and county on August 5, 2008 its surrounding communities and economic bases. This is the opportunity to get rid of the "do nothing" status quo who seem to always run for one office or another EVERY ELECTION CYCLE. It's called musical chairs, backroom politics and exploitation. These backroom deceits void of voter participation never seem to stop. What has happened to Integrity? We the electorate must put a stop to this sucking up of tax payer dollars without any positive results. We have depended upon the current elected gang for safety, jobs and positive changes but are continually left with lies, deceit, despair, joblessness and hopelessness, Why? Poor leadership. But, yet they continue to cash their tax supported paychecks. Many of those currently running AGAIN for elected offices have multiple retirement accounts all supported by your tax payer dollars. This once proud city is ranked 3rd as the most racists city in America and 5th most dangerous. Homelessness, no jobs, poor health care and hunger are found in all its communities, Why? Poor stupid decisions and political leadership. Crime is on the rise, prostitution, drugs and robberies are now the revenue source. The new employers of destruction. Education of our children is in the abyss. It is estimated that 60 percent of students entering the 9th grade will not graduate in Flint. Thousands more from Flint and surrounding communities will be incarcerated in coming months. Genesee county has become the criminal justice systems winning lottery ticket for jail and prison, if your Black, or poor. We the people can positively change the direction of politics on Tuesday August 5, 2008. Vote for someone with real solutions not idle promises. Vote for a person that truly cares about the welfare of this city, county and its citizens. Please don't vote for name recognition or friendships. Be an informed voter. Check their records of achievments. What have they done to enhance people lives?
Post Sun Jul 27, 2008 11:06 am 
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