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Topic: Recall Weaver.Then what?

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I can understand wanting to remove Mayor Karen Weaver for many reasons. She does seem to be influenced by some people who haven't been the best and brightest among the city elites ( yes, I am being sarcastic) . So go through all the financial expense, the time expense and get her removed, fair enough. After all the recall language was approved , they got the necessary amount of signatures of registered voters and if the "people's voice " mandates she has to go,fine. But who will go into that office once she is gone? Art Woodson,one of her most vocal critics? Bring in Dayne Walling again? Scott Kincaid ? He knows the problems of the city ( some say he helped to create them but that's another story) Jacqueline Poplar? Come on, she isn't capable of being the mayor at this crucial time , lets be honest. I am just asking, I am frustrated at the tendency to "recycle" people into newer offices that seems to be the standard there in Genesee County. I am also frustrated that people seeking office there seem to be seriously under qualified yet so eager to step into roles most of us, knowing of our shortcomings , we would decline due to our own level of honesty and candor and simply knowing we couldn't handle the problems . I am VERY skeptical that there is that type of person living in the city currently that has what it takes to put the city in order . Can anyone name a person who they think has the qualifications to be the mayor of Flint , at this present era, with all the problems the city is facing? If you think one of those people I named ( Walling, Woodson, Poplar , Kincaid) would be a good candidate please tell me what I am overlooking about them .
Post Tue Jul 25, 2017 2:30 am 
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