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Topic: Donna Ashburn-Poplar/City to hire Aonie Gilcreast?
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El Supremo

Donna Ashburn-Poplar added 6 new photos with DeLano Mills.
1 hr
Warning! This Post is ONLY for those who are more concerned about substance and being informed than they are about how long a post is.
As I reflect on the Recall of Mayor Karen Weaver, I find myself somewhat perplexed. However, through the perplexity, I am outraged to say the least,that AC Dumas, Pastor, Aoni "Gil" Gilcreast, Woodrow Stanley, Charles Winfrey, Eric Mays, Mayor Weaver, and Weaver's Political Operatives and ALL others who have financially gained from Weaver serving as Mayor, are playing the Race Card. In their attempt to plant in the minds of the people that Weaver is an innocent victim of racism, and that there are those who want to Recall Weaver because she is Black and the 1st African American female Mayor. These above mentioned are promoting radicalism targeted ONLY at a Black audience. It is their attempt to manipulate Black people into believing that white folks are trying to Recall Weaver solely because she is black. And that ALL the black folks who don't support Weaver are sale outs and Uncle Toms. This has been an old tactic of Woodrow Stanley, Charles Winfrey, AC Dumas, and Gilcreast for a long time. And down through the years they have been somewhat successful in playing the race card and getting certain pastors in going along with them. And to this day they still have a following of those who put race over substance and accountability. Well the TRUTH MATTER! And the TRUTH is that in less than 60-days 5,780 COURAGEOUS Blacks, Hispanics, Whites and other minorities, from across Flint willfully signed the Recall Petition against Weaver. Their signatures reflected their frustrations and disappointment in Weavers failed leadership, dishonesty, broken promises, bad decisions, lack of transparency. and failure to put the best interest of ALL the people of Flint 1st over herself, her friends and her political operatives. For example when Weaver on day one brought Woodrow Stanley and Aoni "Gil" Gilcreast into her administration to serve as her advisers and giving them full control over City of Flint operations, finances and contracts, this was a Bad Decision. When Weaver appointed an incompetent administrative staff who had NO administrative or Municipal Government experience, this was a Bad Decision. When Weaver fought to give a $17MM dollar trash contract to Rizzo Environmental Services, a CORRUPTED Company, so that Woodrow Stanley, her friend, and her Political Adviser, who served as a Consultant to Rizzo could earn up to $1.7MM dollars in consultant fees, this was a Bad Decision. When Weaver under the direct advisement of Snyder, Gilcreast and Woodrow Sanley, broke the Water contract with KWA and pushed to enter into a 30-year contract with GWLA - Detroit, who has a 100-year old pipeline, knowing that such contract would increase water rates every year, this was and is a Bad Decision. When Scott Kincaid won his lawsuit to have Weaver lower the illegal 35% water rates down by 35% and give the Flint Water customers a cash refund for the amount over paid, as ordered by Judge Archie Hayman, Weaver under the advisement of Gilcreast Appealed the Judge's ruling, this was a Bad Decision. When Weaver cut a deal with Snyder to pay Gilcreast a $120,000 dollars yearly from the Water Crisis Fund to be her Political Adviser, this was a Bad Decision. When Weaver authorized the police for over 3-months to knock on doors of the people who signed the Recall Petition against her, t confirm if they signed the Recall Petition. This was an act of police intimidation and a violation of the People's Civil Rights, this was a Bad Decision. When Weaver got in the bed with Governor Snyder and started cutting deals for Gicreast, Woodrow Stanley, herself and other political operatives, and against the best interest of the people of Flint, this was a Bad Decision. When Weaver under the advisement of Gilcreast stopped making herself available, and stopped attending City Council meetings, and lying on City Council in an attempt to make City Council look like bad guys, with the exception of her friend Eric Mays, Don Williamson guy, This was a Bad Decision. Decision. When Weaver opened up a 527 Fund Account with Gilcreast's name on it,in order to divert-and receive water donations from across the country, and refusing to tell the people how much money went into the account and how the money was spent, is a Bad Decision. When Weaver in an act of retaliation filed a Bogus Personal Protective Order against Arthur Woodson, as instructed by Gicreast, this was a Bad Decision. I could go on and on, but I think you get the picture. I hope that you can see this Recall is NOT about the color of Weaver's skin or the fact that she is the 1st Black female Mayor. This Recall is abut Weaver's failed Leadership, questionable contract dealings, Bad Decisions, NOT putting the people's best interest first and a misuse of tax payers money. You must say NO to the RACE CARD Manipulation Trap. And ask yourself, do you want Synder, Gilcreast, Woodrow Stanley and Donald Williamson, who is behind the scenes calling the shots to continue to control Flint and your tax dollars through Weaver. Think on this be Blessed, do your homework and DON'T let Race and Gender be the determinant factor on how you vote. Ask yourselves do you really want to continue to risk the future of Flint in the hands of these very questionable Political Players who has proven they DON"T care about Flint's Future, for the sake of saying Flint has the 1st Black Female Mayor. Really, DON'T you be TRAPPED by the RACE & GENDER CARD you need to know what's going on. What you see in these faces is about MONEY and GREED at what ever cost and risk. You have the POWER to STOP this MADNESS by how you VOTE. These are TOP NOTCH POLITICAL GAMBLERS. DON'T you let them hit the JACKPOT by GAMBLING with YOUR "VOTE"
Post Fri Oct 13, 2017 1:40 pm 
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El Supremo

Donna Ashburn-Poplar added 8 new photos.
6 hrs Flint, MI
I am not at all surprise about the recent invitation extended to Mayor Weaver from President Donald Trump. Trump just like Governor Snyder is ceasing on the opportunity to position their million dollar friends and business owners to make millions of dollars off the devastation that Flint resident's has been unfortunately subjected to as a result of the poisoned water and water crisis. The question that you as Flint residents must ask is for a break down on how the millions of dollars that have been released to Flint to address the water crisis been spent-utilized. One thing we do know is that the millions that have been spent to fix water lines, many residents are outraged with the poor quality of work and how much damage was done to their property.
In addition, its important for you to know that Weaver has allowed her Political Adviser Gilcreast to control what contractors gets contracts and under what terms. This is where the hustle begin. Now when Weaver meets with Snyder or his right hand man Rich Beard, Gilcreast accompanies her to these meetings and Gilcreast take on the role as the deal maker NOT Weaver, she merely follows Gilcreast's lead. Why do you think Gilcreast with his demonstrated spirit of arrogance publicly told the media, that he was the most important man in Flint.
Well Gilcreast who wants to be perceived as the most important man in Flint, with Weaver's stamp of approval, will be accompany Weaver to the White House and Gilcreast will be cutting a deal that will serve to be personally beneficial to himself, Weaver, Trump and his millionaire business friends, at the cost of tax-payers expense, just like what Gilcreast and Weaver has done for Snyder. So, I am not excited about Weaver and Gilcreast going to Washington to meet with Trump, because what ever amount of money that Trump send to Flint, we the tax payers- will be paying for it, and Trump's millionaire business friends, Gilcreast and Weaver will reap the financial gain at our expense. I keep telling you that these are TOP NOTCH GAMBLERS, and Weaver, Gilcreast, Don Willamson, Woodrow Stanley are KEY PLAYERS, who are WILLFULLY playing the gambling game. President Barrack Obama did his homework on Gilcreast, and in spite of Weaver pushing to have Gilcreast at the table, when she went to the White house concerning the water crisis, saying Gilcreast was her Political Adviser and she wanted him at the table, Barack said NO Gilcreast could not be at the table. I'm telling you to WATCH the TRAP and DON"T get CAUGHT UP IN THE HYPE. Trump has had plenty of time since he has been in the White House to meet with Weaver, but now that she is up against a RECALL election he wants to meet with her now. Really!! DON'T LET THESE PEOPLE TRAP YOU.The TRUTH IS WEAVER AND GILCREAST ARE REPUBLICAN PLAYERS. Ask Snyder he got Weaver to turn her back on Flint resident and get on his playing team and as a result Weaver is supporting Snyder on the 30-year Water deal with Detroit IN-SPITE the fact that Detroit has a 100-year old pipe line and that water rates will go up by 5% for the next 10-years. The greed of money show makes for strange bed partners. Think on this and be Blessed.
Post Thu Oct 19, 2017 11:40 am 
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El Supremo

Donna Ashburn-Poplar added 3 new photos.
1 hr Flint
Karen Waver Calls In Favor From Hilary Clinton. Not At All Surprised.
Hilary repays Weaver back for her support of her when she ran for President, by making auto robo calls telling Flint voters to vote for Weaver, because she is doing a good job with the water crisis. Well this is politics 101, do politically unto me as I have politically done unto you, be it right or wrong. I respect Hilary, and I did vote for her. However, since Hilary has answered the call to return the favor to Weaver, I must questioned the following: (1) Did Hillary support Weaver in her bad decision to make Gilcreast her $120,000 dollar Chief Mayor without the vote of the people? (2) Did Hliary support Waver in her decision to give a $17MM dollar contract to Rizzo Trash Company, a corrupted criminally indited company. whereby, Woodrow Stanley is a consultant to, and would earn up to $1.7MM dollars in consulting fees?(3) Did Hilary support Weaver in appealing Judge Archie Hayman's Court Ruling, to lower the water rates by 35%,that where illegally raised by 35% and give the water customers a cash refund for the amount of over payment paid for the past 5-years? (4) Do Hilary approve and support Weaver and Gilcreast wanting to join Governor Snyder in entering Flint tax-payers into a a 30-year water source contract, that will raise water rates up by as much as 6% every year for the 1st 10-years and an unknown rate increase amount thereafter? (5) Do Hilary approve of Weaver opening up a 527 financial account, with Gilcreast name on it, to receive water crisis donations? Final question, is Hilary making auto-robo-calls because, she really believe in Weaver's and Gilcreast leadership or she couldn't escape from returning the political favor? Just maybe as VOTERS you have the same questions too. DON'T be side tracked with or by popularity. Think on this and be Bessed.
Post Sat Nov 04, 2017 8:47 pm 
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El Supremo

Donna Ashburn-Poplar
14 hrs Flint
WOW!! When you thought you heard it all. The latest news, if the incumbent City Council Members, Poplar, Nelson, Fields, Davis, Winfrey and Callaway were to be defeated (Heaven Forbid) by the INEXPERIENCED young candidates, that have, been coerced to run in the council race and planted by Weaver, Chief Mayor, Giicreast and Stanley, the Weaver team will have the votes to make Eric Mays Council President. I pray that Scott Kincaid becomes Mayor and the incumbents are Re-Elected with the exception of Eric Mays. Anita Brown is my choice for the 1st Ward City Council person, because of her 20-years Municipal Government EXPERIENCE working for the City of Flint Ombudsman Office as a Senior Investigator, investigating City of Flint internal departmental wrong doing and violations of policies and procedures. I also strongly suppot Anita Brown, because of her community involvement, compassion, and dedication to Flint, and her Self.- Respect and Respect for others. Take a close look at Eric Mays, bad choices and his disrespectful ungodly public behavior, and seriously ask yourself can we really take the chance of having this man, Eric Mays , who has without a doubt proven to be unstable in ALL his ways, to serve as Council President? The PROBLEMS Flint is faced with right now is not a joking matter. Flint's CHALLENGES are to SERIOUS and CRITICAL, and we can NOT allow our frustrations with government, to gamble with our vote.and give to individuals with ZERO EXPERIENCE. Governor Snyder and the SLICK Political Operatives dressed in wolves clothing will use their political trickery and manipulation to take complete advantage of their political immaturity and lack of political savvy. The Law of Reasoning, lets us ALL know that this is NOT the time to gamble with our votes. We must set a side frustration, anger, relationships and do what's RIGHT for Flint and ALL its people. We DON'T need political trainees NOT in the mist of a storm.We need City Council people who are Mature, EXPERIENCED and COURAGEOUS people, who ALREADY know Flint's current situation and the seriousness of the critical problems Flint is faced with, and are familiar with the players, know the traps to watch out for and know the do's and don'ts, and who have already proven they can STAND UP against Snyder and other political operatives and political bullies.. Please, my family, my friends DON'T GAMBLE WITH YOUR VOTE. ITS TOO RISKY.EXPERIENCE in the MIST of a STORM DO MATTER.
Post Sun Nov 05, 2017 11:11 am

El Supremo

Another Mays meltdown was on Comcast last week. Mays was screaming that he was going to be Council President. He can't keep a secret.
Thing got how when Kincaid lost his temper with Mays and Mays asked the President to intercede. President Nelson told mays how Kincaid of Mays going on the Pastors show Saturday mornings to "talk about him (Kincaid) like a dog".
Shame on Paul Herring for being part of the charade and turning down the volume when mays asked.

The pastors basically announced this plan when they asked or a council to support Weaver. Do you think they meant rubber stamp her?
Post Sun Nov 05, 2017 11:20 am
Post Sun Nov 05, 2017 11:23 am 
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