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Topic: Flint subsidizing a for profit ? Universal ambulance
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El Supremo

The business was located at 2057 S Linden in Flint Township. It was posted as selling oxygen equipment, durable medical equipment, medical supplies and prosthetic/orthopedics. It accepted Medicare and Medicaid.
Genesis Universal Health Care in Flint, Michigan (MI)

AmfibiAll CompaniesCategoriesPrivate CompaniesPublic Companies

◂ PreviousWholesale Surgical SuppliesNext ▸
Genesis Universal Health Care

MichiganMedical Equipment & DeviceWholesale Surgical SuppliesGenesis Universal Health Care


2057 S Linden Road
MI 48532-4160
Phone: (810) 720-0104
Category: Wholesale Surgical Supplies

Company Representatives of Genesis Universal Health Care COMPANY REPRESENTATIVES

Benson E Kong, Owner

Genesis Universal Health Care Products PRODUCTS AND SERVICES

Adco Surgical Supply
Animal Surgical Supplies
Ambest Surgical Supply
Arista Surgical Supply
American Surgical Supply
Genesis Universal Health Care Location Type LOCATION TYPE

Single Location

Genesis Universal Health Care Revenue REVENUE

$3,500,000 - $3,750,000

Genesis Universal Health Care Employees EMPLOYEES

5 to 9

Genesis Universal Health Care State of Incorporation STATE OF INCORPORATION

Information not found

Genesis Universal Health Care SIC Code SIC CODE

504706 (Surgical Supplies (Whls))

Genesis Universal Health Care NAICS Code NAICS CODE

423450 (Medical Equip Merchant Whls)

With sales of $3.5 million and higher, you would think he could pay the $20 to sent the Corporations Division a report.

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Post Sun Nov 27, 2016 2:40 pm 
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El Supremo


Metro Issues US Treasury Loans to Three City of Flint Businesses

April 11, 2016

FLINT, Mich. - Metro Community Development, Inc., (MCD) a Community Development Financial Institution (CDFI), based in Flint, certified by the CDFI Fund of U.S. Department of Treasury has issued capital towards loans to three businesses in City of Flint to increase manufacturing and growing jobs.

Universal Ambulance Response & Genesis Total Health Care - Universal Ambulance Response provides EMS emergency paramedic service, ALS/BLS, non-emergency services and special event stand by services in City of Flint and Genesee County. Genesis Total Healthcare, LLC which provides transition care from hospital to home for acute & chronic illness, case management and care coordination under the direction of PCP’s, specialists, and surgeons. In September 2006, the business was expanded to provide mobile emergency medical response units. In April 2009 the business was expanded to include non-emergency services such as dialysis transport, transportation to and from hospitals and doctor appointments to accommodate clients with special medical needs. In 2015 the business has been expanded to providing EMS services through City of Flint. They have added to three fire stations in City of Flint. For more information contact Benson Ekong, President, at 810-444-9097

Metro Community Development has two overarching goals: maintaining community stability and stimulating community economic development. These goals align along the focus areas, as a community development continuum, Asset Building, Community Building, and Coalition Building. These goals drive the financial products and development services the organization provides to the investment area.

For more information contact Ravi Yalamanchi, CEO, at 810-767-4622 X 210. Visit www.metro-community.org to learn more about MCD.
Post Sun Nov 27, 2016 2:49 pm 
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El Supremo


ID Num: B6508H

Type: Domestic Limited Liability Company

Resident Agent: JUDITH EKONG
Registered Office Address: 3089 TRI PARK DRIVE GRAND BLANC MI 48439

Mailing/Office Address: 4199 DAVISON ROAD BURTON MI 48509

Formation/Qualification Date:2-6-2003

Jurisdiction of Origin:MICHIGAN

Managed by: Members

Status: ACTIVE Date: Present
Post Sun Nov 27, 2016 3:10 pm 
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El Supremo


ID Num: B6508H


Type: Domestic Limited Liability Company
Resident Agent: JUDITH EKONG

Registered Office Address: 3089 TRI PARK DRIVE GRAND BLANC MI 48439
Mailing/Office Address: 4199 DAVISON ROAD BURTON MI 48509

Formation/Qualification Date:2-6-2003

Jurisdiction of Origin:MICHIGAN

Managed by: Members

Status: ACTIVE Date: Present
Post Sun Nov 27, 2016 3:22 pm 
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El Supremo

News Release
For Immediate Release
STAT EMS Announces Significant Victory in Federal Court Lawsuit
Court Ruling Opens Door for STAT EMS to Provide Services
in Saginaw and Tuscola Counties
Flint, Mich. (July 26, 2016) – STAT EMS (STAT), a Michigan licensed ambulance operation based in Genesee County, today announced a significant victory in a federal court lawsuit against the Saginaw Valley Medical Control Authority (SVMCA). The ruling paves the way for STAT to now operate in Saginaw and Tuscola Counties.

Founded in 2000, STAT provides prehospital care, including emergency response and ambulance transport to patients, from its base in Genesee County. In 2011, STAT notified the SVMCA, the local EMS medical oversight body, of its intention to provide services in Saginaw and Tuscola Counties. The SVMCA’s medical director found that STAT met all operational criteria to provide services in both counties. Despite meeting all requirements, the SVMCA’s Board of Directors denied STAT’s application to operate in Saginaw and Tuscola Counties.

STAT challenged the Board’s decision to the State of Michigan’s Department of Community Health EMS Division, which concluded that the SVMCA had unlawfully refused to provide medical oversight to STAT. The Department concluded that STAT had met all State criteria for the operation of an ambulance company and ordered the SVMCA to provide medical oversight to STAT. The SVMCA refused and STAT was forced to file a lawsuit in federal court.

After nearly three years of litigation, a federal district judge for the Eastern District of Michigan ordered the SVMCA to reconsider its denial of medical control oversight. After examining all of the evidence presented, the Court determined that the SVMCA had denied STAT’s application to operate to protect one of STAT’s competitors in the region. As a result of the judge’s ruling,the SVMCA Board of Directors voted on July 22, 2016 to provide medical oversight to STAT in
Saginaw and Tuscola Counties.

The judge also denied the SVMCA’s motion to dismiss STAT’s claims. As a result, the parties will proceed to trial on October 17, 2016 on STAT’s claims for violation of its due process rights, violation of its equal protection rights, its claim for anti-trust violations pursuant to the Sherman Anti-Trust Act, its Fifth Amendment takings claim, and its claims for intentional infliction of emotional distress.

“We are very pleased with the Federal Court’s ruling as well as the recent decision by the SVMCA Board of Directors,” said Joseph R. Karlichek, chief operating officer, STAT EMS. “This ruling is the beginning of our entry into Saginaw and Tuscola Counties. Ultimately, this benefits patients by expanding the number of accredited EMS providers in the region who can provide timely response to medical emergencies at an advanced level of care.”

Headquartered in Flint, Michigan, STAT has been licensed by the Department to provide emergency response and ambulance transports. STAT provides outstanding EMS services tomore than 50,000 patients in Genesee County and soon in Saginaw and Tuscola Counties.

STAT has been in business since 2000 and has been nationally accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Ambulance Services (CAAS), the gold standard in ambulance accreditation, since 2009, a distinction awarded to only approximately 175 ambulance companies in the United States.
For more information, visit www.statems.net.
Editor’s Note: For all media inquiries, please contact Orlando L. Blanco or
Derek S. Wilczynski of Blanco Wilczynski P.L.L.C. at (248) 519-9000.
Post Sun Nov 27, 2016 7:00 pm 
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El Supremo

After examining all of the evidence presented, the Court determined that the SVMCA had denied STAT’s application to operate to protect one of STAT’s competitors in the region. As a result of the judge’s ruling,the SVMCA Board of Directors voted on July 22, 2016 to provide medical oversight to STAT in
Saginaw and Tuscola Counties.
Could the courts rule that Flint has given an unfair advantage to Universal EMS.?

Can Flint prove that Universal EMS has a public service in connection with the lease?

Schools wanting an ambulance to be on standby for football games have to pay for the service and that can be pricey?

A ease that is less than fair market value can be considered a payment to the lessee from public funds. How did Early and the City later determine the amount of the lease?
Post Sun Nov 27, 2016 7:15 pm 
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El Supremo

The offer of the use of ambulance space and bunking privileges for four employees in each of three fire stations at a cost of $30,000 per station per year is a very attractive deal for the ambulance corporation. Since rent is a business expense, they can use the rent as a federal income tax deduction.

If Universal Ems had to relocate into the Flint market without their deal with the city, they would have expended a lot in the way of capital investment. They also avoid property taxes as they housed in an exempt facility, unless the city made provisions in their lease.

My concern is that they have now been elevated into a favorable class of business and thus have an unfair advantage over their competitors.

Did the city give Universal EMS a disclosure of the material acts. Employees have a right to know what hazrdous chemicals are being used in the facility, especially since they are coexisting in a working fire station. ,
Post Sun Nov 27, 2016 7:43 pm 
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El Supremo

Genesee County 911 to keep sending closest ambulance, critics say it could cause delays

by Ron Fonger | Flint Journal

March 31st, 2012

GENESEE COUNTY, MI -- The county emergency dispatch center will continue sending what appears to be the closest ambulance to calls for help once the county 911 system undergoes radical changes this summer.

The question that won't be answered until then is how that policy will work once companies are no longer required to make runs from fixed locations and ambulances are sent on calls based on where they are on the road -- not where a fixed base is located.

Critics of the policy say it could create delays in less busy parts of the county as ambulance companies concentrate on more populous areas where they are more likely to get calls.

County 911 Consortium Director LLoyd Fayling said the decision to keep the policy in place came after research by an attorney for the consortium and despite a proposal from the county Medical Control Authority, which suggested allowing for preferred treatment of companies that have contracts with individual cities and townships.

"For the most part, if there's an incident in their community (the company with a contract) is going to be the closest," Fayling said.

That's because those contracts promise certain base staffing levels and response times for communities.
But in cases in which another company has an ambulance that is closer -- and new vehicle locators being installed in private rigs will allow dispatcher to see that on a video display -- the closer vehicle will be dispatched, Fayling said.

The decision comes at a fluid time for private ambulance companies in the county, which the 911 center will dispatch directly, once vehicle locators are in place.

Originally planned to launch in April, the new system is now expected to be ready by early summer.

Fayling said state law spells out that the closest ambulance should always be dispatched, and Jason McDonald, director of operations for Mobile Medical Response Inc., said keeping with that system only makes sense for patients.

"Why invest in this technology" if the information isn't used to dispatch the quickest response, McDonald said. "We've always advocated that the closest unit be sent."

But that hasn't been a universal opinion.

Several communities have contracts with ambulance companies that provide cities and townships guaranteed bases and response times and Medical Control in making its recommendation said as long as those companies are able to respond within at least 13 minutes of every call, they should be given the first opportunity to respond in that area.

Medical Control has said data shows that average response time is not a detriment to patients.

The cities of Fenton and Flint currently handle their own emergency dispatching and are not affected by the decision.

Joe Karlichek,vice president of Stat EMS, said his company has supported local contracts and allowing companies that have them the first chance to respond to calls for help.

By establishing themselves in communities, Karlichek said, residents get consistent coverage from ambulance companies, but with the new system, companies will have less reason to staff bases and more reason to roam where most calls come from.

"This county is going to run into delays in communities that will be unnecessary" as a result, he said.

Jim Grady, director of operations for Patriot Ambulance, which has bases in Burton, Clio and Davison, said companies will respond differently to the new system for dispatching but brick-and mortar bases will still be around.

Some bases might end up being staffed less often, he said, if an ambulance makes a run to a Flint hospital, for example, and becomes part of the grid of available units after making its run.

"You take a Friday or Saturday night where the whole city (of Flint) is erupting (and that ambulance) may never see their base for the rest of the night," Grady said.

The move to direct dispatching of ambulances based on location is part of an effort to cut response times.

In the current system, when a call for help comes into 911, dispatchers use a database to determine which ambulance company has an established base closest to an emergency.

Medical Control is the agency responsible for oversight of the EMS system in the county. It was established by state law for that is purpose and is administered by Genesys Regional Medical Center, Hurley Medical Center, McLaren Regional Medical Center and the county Board of Commissioners.
Post Sun Nov 27, 2016 7:52 pm 
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El Supremo

A website called CRAP (Citizens reporting Ambulance Problems) spent time listening to the scanners and reported excessive response times even on short runs and slow days. MMR ,the company that had the exclusive contract was allowed to charge residents $12 per mile per their contract. Residents were so upset they contacted the Michigan Attorney general to complain and even reached out to federal government anti-trust divisions to protest a monopoly.

Ambulance response times challenged by former worker, families
Updated: Feb 07, 2012 12:01 PM CST
By Craig McMorris, TV5 Anchor/Reporter


It's no secret that seconds count when you or a loved one need an ambulance -- after all, a life can be hanging in the balance.

Tonight a local ambulance company, which recently received national recognition for its emergency response, faces accusations that its numbers don't add up, that the way they calculate those numbers is flawed. It's a WNEM TV5 investigation months in the making.

Dave Shuell worked for Mobile Medical Response for 24 years. He says the Saginaw-based company has a lot of explaining to do when it comes to its emergency response times.

"I can tell you that those numbers are bogus because I know how the numbers are fudged because I fudged them, under direction," said Shuell. "I was not allowed to share response times outside of the washed numbers that I delivered to the public safety committee that I reported to. It was made up of fire chiefs, police chiefs and the 9-1-1 authority."

Shuell now works for an emergency vehicle retro fitter in Muskegon. He was asked to leave MMR in 2010.

Is that his motivation for trashing his former company? He was asked why he reached out to the I-team now.

"I'd like to see accountability, I'd like to see cooperation and transparency," Shuell said.

MMR agreed to an on-camera interview to answer any and all questions about its response times. The company told the I-team it's following all the rules and providing all the information it's required to. MMR's CEO Mark Thompson says, "our response times are accurate, there are exceptions to the response times and we are in full compliance with the Saginaw County agreement."

MMR has an exclusive agreement to be the only ambulance service in Saginaw County. Shuell makes the argument that the company takes advantage of its status, saying, "the way the county contract is crafted, it gives them a lot of leeway to manipulate the data, and the data is manipulated. Raw data is not available to the fire departments or to 9-1-1."

Here's how an emergency call gets from the person who needs help to the ambulance. After the 9-1-1 operator receives the call, it's forwarded to MMR. That's when the clock starts ticking. If it gets to the emergency within nine minutes, it is in compliance with the county contract. Anything after that is considered a late response.

But what if there is a delay out of MMR's control such as a traffic jam - perhaps severe weather - maybe even a train-crossing delay? That is automatically factored into the "good" category. Critics like Shuell say it pumps up their "on-time" number and he says that's a problem. Shuell says it pumps up the "good" numbers.

MMR says there's a good reason it gets to put those exceptions into the "good" column. Steve Myers says, "because you would believe if the train wasn't blocking the road, that the exception, er, response time, would be met."

MMR took us into its dispatch center. It said it time stamps every call from beginning to end and saves the data illustrating exactly how much time is taken on each call. MMR also says because of privacy laws it can't share most of that information.

MMR response times in Saginaw County aren't the only location in question. The I-team was contacted by several families in Clare County. They say the ambulance company was way too late in responding to emergencies there.

Judy Weber says "right now I'm just praying every day that God will protect the families in Clare County until we can get this fixed." Weber's husband Paul died following a heart attack last November. Weber claims it took 37 minutes for an MMR ambulance to get to her husband. Weber also says she was shocked when the MMR employee asked her a question during that critical time, saying "she just turned and looked at me and said, 'which way is the closest way to the hospital.'"

Another woman told us her brother died following a heart attack. Deresa Schmidt says the Farwell Fire Chief actually performed C-P-R on her brother Darwin Major for 20 minutes while waiting for the ambulance. "He even questioned the lapse in time for the ambulance to arrive," said Schmidt. "He was like, three to four minutes from Clare hospital, and the ambulance that was dispatched out of Saginaw sent the ambulance from Mt. Pleasant which is what, 25 to 30 minutes away?"

MMR counters that its ambulance is not taxpayer-supported and provides a valuable service in Clare County and the rest of Mid-Michigan.

On a related note the I-team talked with some fire chiefs in Saginaw County who tell us they also don't think they are getting accurate response times from MMR. They declined to talk with us about the issue on camera.

Meanwhile, Judy Weber asks that if any other families in Clare County have experienced similar situations with MMR to call her at 989-386-0112.
Post Sun Nov 27, 2016 8:33 pm 
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El Supremo

July 1, 2014
v No. 315183
Genesee Circuit Court
LC No. 12-098009-CZ
Intervening Defendant-Appellee.
Before: SAWYER, P.J., and METER and FORTHOOD, JJ.
In this action for declaratory relief, plaintiff appeals as of right from an order denying its motion for summary disposition and granting summary disposition to intervening defendant Patriot Ambulance Service, In. (Patriot). We affirm.
On April 17, 2012, plaintiff filed a complaint for declaratory relief. The complaint alleged that plaintiff had entered into various agreements for the
provision of ambulance services to several municipalities in Genesee County. According to the complaint, “[d]efendant [Genesee County 911 Consortium (hereinafter ‘defendant’)] is a legal entity created by Genesee County
and public agencies of the County of Genesee . . . to operate the Central Dispatch Primary Public Safety Answering Point . . . within Genesee County . . . .” Plaintiff alleged that defendant “has not followed the agreements of the municipalities
in regard to providing . . . ambulance services consistent with . . . contractual agreements . . . and, in particular, in regard to [plaintiff] . . . .” Plaintiff cited the Emergency 9-1-1 Service Enabling Act, MCL 484.1101 et seq
., and in particular referred to MCL 484.1102(l), which states: “Direct dispatch method” means that the agency receiving the 9-1-1 call at the public safety answering point decides on the proper action to be taken and dispatches the appropriate available public safety service unit located closest to the request for public safety service.

Plaintiff stated in its complaint: “MCL 484.1102 of The Act provides that upon receiving a call requesting emergency services, a 911 response center determines the proper action to be taken and dispatches the closest and most appropriate available public safety service unit located to the origin of the call requesting emergency services.” Plaintiff alleged that, by virtue of its
agreements with the municipalities, its providers were the “closest and most appropriate” for the municipalities. Plaintiff sought the following declarations:
A. A declaration that Defendant 911 Consortium of Genesee County is
obligated to dispatch the . . . ambulance service provider identified in the contract
between the municipality and the . . . service provider;
B. That the Defendant 911 Consortium cannot override or otherwise
unilaterally dispatch another . . . ambulance service provider other than the one the municipality contracts with to provide such services.
Plaintiff subsequently filed a motion for summary disposition under MCR 2.116(C(10).
In response, defendant argued, among other things, that “[n]either townships nor cities may usurp the county’s authority over ambulance dispatch.” Patriot, a competitor of plaintiff’s, was allowed to intervene in the lawsuit. It also opposed plaintiff’s motion for summary disposition and sought summary disposition for itself under MCR 2.116(I)(2), arguing, in part, that the trial
court should declare that “the agreements between [plaintiff] and [the municipalities] are not binding on the Genesee County 911 Consortium[.]” The trial court denied plaintiff’s motion and granted Patriot’s motion, indicating
that its order “resolve[d] the last pending claim and close[d] the case.” The trial court stated the following in justifying its decision:
First of all, the 911 consortium, Defendant, is not a party to Plaintiff’s
contracts with the individual governments. Secondly, there’s no proof of
exclusivity in those contracts presented today. Third, Plaintiff’s contracts do not
override State law . . . [and the] Act . . . does not provide for separate local agreements to override county agencies. Fourth, the consortium members who have these private contracts are public governments, and they’re not private companies. If the City of Linden, or the Townships of Mt. Morris and Genesee were to sue 911, they would have standing to do that because they are members of the consortium. But at this point in time [plaintiff] really doesn’t have any standing to substitute itself for the two townships and the city . . . .

Plaintiff states in its appellate brief that “the 911 Consortium in its operation uses the direct dispatch method . . . .”

We review de novo a trial court’s decision concerning a motion for summary disposition. Klapp v United Ins Grp Agency Inc
, 468 Mich 459, 463; 663 NW2d 447 (2003). MCR 2.116(I)
states, in part:
(1) If the pleadings show that a party is entitled to judgment as a matter of
law, or if the affidavits or other proofs show that there is no genuine issue of material fact, the court shall render judgment without delay.
(2) If it appears to the court that the opposing party, rather than the
moving party, is entitled to judgment, the court may render judgment in favor of
the opposing party. We find no basis upon which to reverse the trial court’s ruling. In support of its appeal, plaintiff relies on MCL 333.20948, which states:
(1) A local governmental unit or combination of local governmental units
may operate an ambulance operation or a nontransport prehospital life support
operation, or contract with a person to furnish any of those services for the use and benefit of its residents, and may pay for any or all of the cost from available funds. A local governmental unit may receive state or federal funds or private funds for the purpose of providing emergency medical services.
(2) A local governmental unit that operates an ambulance operation or a
nontransport prehospital life support operation or is a party to a contract or an interlocal agreement may defray any or all of its share of the cost
by either or both of the following methods:
(a) Collection of fees for services.
(b) Special assessments created, levied, collected, and annually
determined pursuant to a procedure conforming as nearly as possible to the procedure set forth in section 1 of Ac
t No. 33 of the Public Acts of 1951,
being section 41.801 of the Michigan Compiled Laws. This procedure does not prohibit the right of referendum set forth
under Act No. 33 of the Public Acts of 1951, being sections 41.801 to 41.811 of the Michigan Compiled Laws.
(3) A local governmental unit may enact an ordinance regulating
ambulance operations, nontransport prehospital life support operations, or medical
first response services. The standards and procedures established under ordinance shall not be in conflict with or less stringent than those required under
this part or the rules promulgated under this part.
Plaintiff argues that, by virtue of this statute, local units of government are entitled to contract with private entities to provide ambulance services. Plaintiff contends that, because of the contracts it has with municipalities, its providers are the “appropriate” providers for purposes of MCL 484.1102(l). This argument is untenable. Again, MCL 484.1102(l) states:

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El Supremo

“Direct dispatch method” means that the agency receiving the 9-1-1 call at the
public safety answering point decides on the proper action to be taken and
dispatches the appropriate available public safety service unit located closest to
the request for public safety service.

The agency receiving the call (here, defendant) must decide upon the “appropriate . . . unit located closest to the request for public safety service.” As noted by Patriot, the provisions of MCL 333.20948 relied upon by plaintiff “merely permit[] local government units to enter into contracts for the provision of emergency medical services. [They do] not mandate that a County
Consortium . . . comply with the terms of any such contract nor [do they] address, at all, the dispatching of emergency medical service providers.” Equating “appropriate public safety service unit” in MCL 484.1102(l) with “a public safety service unit that is encompassed byplaintiff’s contracts” finds no support in statutes or case law and, in fact, would be dangerous indeed in a situation where plaintiff’s units were located further from an emergency than another
appropriate unit. The trial court did not err in its ruling.
/s/ David H. Sawyer
/s/ Patrick M. Meter
/s/ Karen M. Fort Hood
Post Sun Nov 27, 2016 9:29 pm 
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El Supremo

Proposal made to help Dialysis patients dealing with Flint's water crisis

By Caresse Jackman | Posted: Mon 11:42 PM, Feb 08, 2016 | Updated: Mon 2:27 PM, Jun 13, 2016

FLINT (WJRT)- (2/8/16)- Anthony Coleman has been on dialysis for five years. Three times a week, at the crack of dawn, he receives his treatment.

" I go in at four. I get out of there at nine. And I just sit for four hours on a machine. It cleans your blood and they get all the water out of your body," Coleman said.

It's a draining process. Add that with the Flint water emergency affecting the city, every day is rough.

" I mean, we're losing people at Dialysis, left and right . You see them tomorrow, and then you go to dialysis and you ain't going see them no more. They done past away. I'm not scared. But I'm worried," Coleman said.

Anthony gets around thanks to Universal EMS. They provide services and transportation.

" The patients that we deal with mostly are bed bound, or people that can't get around a lot. So those people are affected, more so, than people who have transportation. They already have certain challenges that they have to face and to compound that with the lead additives, is just, it's really hard for them," Jay Dones, Operations Manager with Universal EMS said.

Benson Ekong is President of the Universal Kidney Foundation. He's currently working on a proposal to provide information, screening, intervention and after care services for Flint's most vulnerable residents affected by toxic lead levels.

" What we want to do from the clinical standpoint is to help with the testing. We know exactly how much this lead could affect the kidney. So, what we want to do is be the forerunner in helping out. The sheriff's department, the police department and state police are really helping out. But, what happens is, when they go to the communities sometimes, folks don't want to allow them in. So we believe, in being part of the Universal Kidney Foundation and working with the ambulances services, we can go out there and help test folks," Ekong said.

The proposal was introduced to Flint city council and they are now looking it over. Anthony has gotten his blood tested and is waiting on the results. It's hard living with kidney failure, especially during this crisis, but he knows he has to make it through.

" I might go to dialysis, go to sleep. I might not even see my mama no more. Or my kids. I wanna see them grow. Get married at least. But I don't think God's ready for me to come home yet. You know, I'm gonna live a little longer," Coleman said.

Because Universal Kidney Foundation is a 501.c.3 non profit, it won't cost the city a dime. Universal Kidney Foundation is waiting to hear back on the council on when the proposal will be voted on.
Post Mon Nov 28, 2016 6:29 am 
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El Supremo

70279K Filing Pending

70279K Assumed Name

On November 10, 2016, Universal Kidney Foundation filed for the assumed name to conduct business under as Universal Health and Kidney Foundation. There are new corporation papers filed and waiting approval. Those new filings are not available at this time. It will be interesting as the State recently approved the ability of nonprofits to merge in some capacity with a for profit.

So now we could have EKONG using his ambulances to transport kidney patients, referred by his foundation and being cared for by his healthcare company. Now Ekong is establishing an EMT training school. There currently are such programs at Mott College, Baker College, McLaren Hospital, Genesys Hospital and Stat EMS.
Ekongs literature focuses on Flint residents.
Post Mon Nov 28, 2016 6:58 am 
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El Supremo

The nonprofit Universal Kidney Foundation has been operating under a deficit from at least 2011 through 2014, the last year a 90EZ was available for this entity. Contribution and fundraisers run less than $150,000 per year. There is one paid employee, E Yvonne Lewis, who once ran a program for FACED, which also offered medical transportation to out of the city hospitals, such as U of M.

A new addition to their Board of Directors in 2014 was John Gleason. This makes sense as he was a kidney transplant patient in the past and his name recognition would be beneficial. However he was shown as a Senator and not his current position of Genesee County Clerk/Register of Deeds.
Besides Gleason,other Directors and officers in 2014 were:
Benson Ekong, Judy Ekong, Eno Ubong (sec/treas), Deborah Adejo (chair), Charles Winfrey (vice chair), Tawana Patrick.
Post Mon Nov 28, 2016 7:30 am 
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El Supremo

Taken from the RTAB Meeting (no contract copy )

CITY COUNCIL Meeting Minutes

Final September 14, 2015

City of Flint, Michigan Rental Agreement/Universal EMS/Ambulatory Service
Operations Resolution resolving that the Mayor and City Administrator
are authorized to enter into an appropriate rental agreement with Universal EMS
for renting space in three Fire Stations in order to operate ambulatory services,
as requested by the Fire Department, with Universal EMS paying the City $30,000.00 a year to rent each station, for a total of $90,000.00 collectively [General Fund
Acct. No. 1 01-338.201-668.000). [City Administrator Submission No.CA0692015]
Councilperson Mays made a motion to POSTPONE Resolution No. 150798
for 30 days (October 12, 2015). There was no second/support for this motion.

A motion was made by Council person Kincaid, seconded by Councilperson VanBuren, that this matter be Adopted. The motion carried by the following
Aye: 8-
Councilperson Poplar, Councilperson Nelson, Chairperson Freeman, Vice President Davis, Councllperson Winfrey, Councilperson Galloway, Councilperson
and Councilperson Kincaid
No: 1
Councilperson Mays
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