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Topic: Genesee County "bully politics"

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El Supremo

Just now
In the past I have asked attorneys why judges usually have no opposition and the reply was "fear of retaliation" in that judge's courtroom should they lose. The stakes must be really high for the establishment to threaten a local attorney in an attempt to stop him from opposing Celeste Bell in the upcoming election. Extremely reliable sources say this attorney has received phone calls from Sheriff Pickell, Prosecutor Leyton and even the UAW . Apparently they would rather Bell run unopposed.

That begs the question of why is this judgeship so important. County Commissioner Mark Young is running in campaign mode as he was in the Prosecutor's office for a group photo with Bell. Very noticeable was how mainly white males made the photo op.

Celeste Bell, as both Corporation Counsel and as Assistant Prosecuting Attorney, has been said to have deliberately held up the settlement of Genesee County Clerk's lawsuit against the county over the tech fund.

Recently County commission chair Mark Young put out a press release agreeing to finally purchase the needed software. The software distributor had been jerked around by the commission for two years and detailed his frustration in an e-mail.

After Young and Freeman, commission coordinator, agreed to the contract, the distributor drove a long distance in the recent snow storm to sign the contract. Young has yet to take the contract to the full commission. As the contract was about to be signed, Young and Freeman charged in with a new demand to stop the contract. Obviously Young never intended to honor his promise from the press release. .

Is Young trying to be Mayor Weaver's.new best friend in the county as he shows up for every press conference to be in the photo.
Post Thu Feb 22, 2018 8:46 am 
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