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Topic: IT'S TIME FOR A NEW SHERIFF! The saga continues!
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El Supremo

Jamie Curtis and 2 others shared Frank Manley's post.
Frank Manley

I have always believed in personal integrity and the idea of helping others. I have followed the mantra of my namesake Frank J. Manley Sr. , that it is more important to help my community and those truly in need then to be part of any particular "popular" group of people which may bestow personal gain upon me. Many times in my profession, it means representing unpopular people or causes. Sometimes politically it means standing up and being counted against the entrenched special interests. It means not just going along because it is a much easier path.
I share these views because of the contentious Genesee County Sheriff's election. I have known Sheriff Pickell for many years. In fact, before he was sheriff, I employed him as an investigator on a number of cases. I have supported him for sheriff in past elections. My over 30 years of legal experience in this county and my knowledge of the sheriff and the sheriffs department makes me uniquely qualified to render an educated opinion.
It is time for him to leave. The things that he has engaged in, or allowed, are such that he should not be considered for re-election. The lawsuits, the lapses in judgment, the vicious personal attacks, all speak to someone who believes that the office is his, not held in trust for the people. I have personally told Bob that he should retire. He has turned into someone far more angry, malicious, and dangerous then we can trust with all the power of this department.
Therefore, as someone , who has never been accused, until recently, of being shadowy, I stand up personally and endorse Chief Dan Allen for Sheriff. Change must come.
I ask that you share my message far and wide. This election is that close and that important.

Frank 🍀
Post Sun Jul 31, 2016 5:44 pm 
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El Supremo

Attorneys wanted criminal charges over Facebook posts during sheriff's race

Oona Goodin-Smith | ogoodins@mlive.com By Oona Goodin-Smith | ogoodins@mlive.com

on February 28, 2017 at 6:30 AM, updated February 28, 2017 at 6:32 AM

FLINT, MI -- One of the ugliest political races in recent Genesee County history has taken another twist with revelations that three outspoken critics of Genesee County Sheriff Robert Pickell sought criminal charges for Facebook accounts they claim made defamatory accusations against them.

Local attorneys Frank Manley, Glen Lenhoff and Scott Bigger filed a criminal complaint in July 2016 stating the accounts were "posting threats against ... character, professionalism and intimidation," according to a Flint Police Department police report obtained by MLive-The Flint Journal.

Manley, Lenhoff and Bigger were involved the New Sheriff in Town Super PAC, which was dedicated to defeating Pickell in the 2016 sheriff election.

The race for the Genesee County Sheriff's Office is turning presidential – at least in terms of the amount of money being used to try and secure the seat.

In August, search warrants authored by Genesee County Prosecutor David Leyton's office were sworn out for information on three Facebook profiles -- William Sikes, Matt Lofton and Charley Bates -- as part of the investigation into the complaint, according to the police report.

Pickell said he had no part in creating the Facebook accounts in question.

"I am not Charley Bates," said Pickell. "I didn't create posts, maintain posts or had any part in planning any of this."

The public profile pages in question shared posts from Pickell's Facebook page, as well as statuses opposing Pickell's 2016 primary challenger, Dan Allen.

Posts on the accounts also contained sexual innuendos that threatened the attorneys, according to the police report.

Warrants were served on Facebook to obtain the IP addresses associated with the profiles, according to the report. After obtaining information from Facebook, the report claims additional warrants were served on three internet service providers to identify who the most-frequently used IP addresses were registered to.

The IP addresses from the accounts showed the profiles could be tracked back to the listed address of Scott Hope, executive director of Genesee County's process servers; Hope's company, Allen & Hope Processing; and the home of an Allen & Hope contractor, Chris Lackney.

The earliest public post on Bates' profile dates back to June 15, 2016, while Lofton's appears to have been created around July 5, 2016.

As of Monday, Feb. 27, the Lofton and Bates' accounts remain accessible on Facebook, while Sikes' appears to have been removed.

The last posts on the the Bates and Lofton accounts were Aug. 1 and 2, respectively. The initial search warrant was sworn out Aug. 1.

Despite the police investigation, Hope said he had no part in the accounts other than admiring them from afar as "political satire."

He told MLive-The Flint Journal that his IP address was only connected to the accounts because he "liked" posts from the profiles.

"I don't know if you know how Facebook works, but when you share something or like something [from your personal profile] on an account, your IP address can also be tracked back to that account," Hope told MLive-The Flint Journal.

Hope said he discovered Bates' and Lofton's accounts while reading the comments of another "satire" Facebook profile and began liking posts from the accounts in question because he found them funny.

"I am not these people, I don't have their passwords, I don't know anything about this," he said.

Lackney could not be reached by MLive-The Flint Journal for comment.

Pickell and Hope have a longstanding relationship with the sheriff recently turning to Hope to handle some civil matters for his department.

In December 2016, Pickell wrote a letter stating that "effective January 1, 2017, the Office of Genesee County Sheriff will exclusively use the firm of Allen, Hope & Associates to serve orders for seizure, evictions, claims and delivery, and foreclosures."

Hope and Pickell are also both currently named in a federal racketeering lawsuit that alleges Pickell, Hope and Allen & Hope worked as a "loosely knit business enterprise" designed to "financially enrich" the three and to keep Pickell in office and attack his opponents.

Manley, Lenhoff and Bigger are not involved in the racketeering suit. However, Manley said he believes these types of actions need to be made public.

"This is the kind of behavior that the public needs to know about," said Manley. "This behavior is criminal. The more light that it shines on this case, the more chance proper legal action will be taken."

Sheriff says he's 'never seen the money' alleged in federal racketeering lawsuit

Sheriff says he's 'never seen the money' alleged in federal racketeering lawsuit

Genesee County Sheriff Robert Pickell says he "has never seen the money" that a federal racketeering lawsuit claims he charged court process servers.

However, Pickell denies any wrongdoing and said he has faith in Hope's work with the county.

"I trust Scott Hope -- he's trained these process servers for 18 years," said Pickell. "I have confidence in him, that's why. There is no RICO, that's a phony allegation. That's a fake allegation. That's a lawyer trying to make money. This is the third time he's sued me."

Both Pickell and Hope suggested that the warrants "tell the full story."

The public, however, is barred from seeing those warrants.

Genesee County Prosecutor David Leyton said the warrants were sealed on Sept. 7 by Judge Nathaniel Perry "to protect privacy."

After evaluating the criminal complaint, Leyton said he believes the case is "civil rather [than a] criminal case."

No criminal charges have been filed in connection to the investigation.

"It is the general policy of my office to focus on violent crime, drugs and to protect children and the elderly," Leyton said. "We do not have the manpower nor do we prioritize offensive social media postings as warranting criminal charges. That is best left to the civil arena and not to the taxpayers."
Post Tue Feb 28, 2017 2:07 pm 
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El Supremo

Today the county commissioners discussed settlement strategies for 5 lawsuits and at least 3 were related to the Sheriff department, and all in Federal District Court

Michael Donahue vs Lt. Lee and Genesee County USDC 16-11446

Carlton McIntosh vs Deputies Winston, Vanloon, Desisto and Genesee County USDC 16-11248

Wm. Trier vs Sheriff Pickell, et al USDC 17-10236

Another case is Lucille Torpay vs Mark Harrison and Genesee County 15-104952

Also the Gleason vs Genesee County (16-107182) may be getting resolved.
Post Mon Mar 13, 2017 1:42 pm 
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El Supremo

Mark Harrison
is the new
jail population monitor and
prebail interviewer as-
signed to the Court Services
Division. Mark attended
the University of Michigan-Flint and received a
bachelor’s degree in criminal justice. In addition, he at-
tended the Flint Police
Academy and the Oakland
County K9 Academy.
Mark spent thirteen years
with the Genesee County
Sheriff Department as a
correctional officer. In his
current role, he primarily
conducts prebail interviews
to provide information on a
defendant’s family ties,
employment, education,
length of residence and oth-
er related matters. This
background information is
provided to a district judge
to assist with release and
bail decisions.
Post Mon Mar 13, 2017 3:10 pm 
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