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ronald barry robinson

Real health care reform is needed now. How can adults provide nurturing care while coping with sickness, stress and depression? Follow the money trail and you will see why big business, the richest 1 Percent and the right wing don't won't real health care reform. The medical industrial complex and the insurance industry are against any real quality health care reform or anything that resembles fairness and quality of life for America, why? There only obligation is to there profit margins, ceo's, and executive million dollar bonuses and how they can squeeze more dollars out of the tax payer wallets. While they collect millions in bonuses the uninsured and the poor die by the tens of thousands. They care less about the policy holder's too as they are these companies regular cash cows. This attitude is unfathomable in a civilized society. Business as usual by these companies must be stopped. Published reports state over the last 10 years the insurance industry has ranked 2nd in billions of dollars spent on lobbyists in Washington to continue the rape of the American public. Pharmaceutical and health care products hold 1st place in billions spent with lobbyists to defeat real health care reform. If a quality health care reform package is passed these companies stand to lose billions in profits. More importantly these same billions come from what they charge the tax payer's for over price medicine's, co-pays and unnecessary medical procedure's. The American voter must defeat any resistance against real health care reform that would deprive any American the right to receive quality and responsible health care. The American voters must stop the pay to play politics in Washington. The American voter must stop the pimping/pandering of their elected officials by the lobbyists that work for the insurance and health care industry and other big busineses. Those elected officials work for there constituents "not big business". They must be made to remember that. If all American's had the same coverage as those elected 100 senator's and the 435 representative's we wouldn't be having this conversation.
Post Fri Aug 28, 2009 2:07 pm 
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Health and physical activity tips including information on men's and women's health and wellness including advanced nutritional products for health and personal care .
Post Mon May 14, 2012 5:10 am 
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