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Topic: The "In My Opinion" Show- Flint School Reform

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In My Opinion

With newly elected members to the Flint School Board will they be able to put aside their giant ego's and do what is right for the students and the community? The mis-direction of leadership, guidance and the hemorrhaging at the hands of grown-ups is a disgrace.
Post Wed May 09, 2007 11:04 am 
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ronald barry robinson

A 30 percent graduation rate in Flint schools is un-exceptable. Children are impressionable, and impulsive, and they are prone to act on the knowledge and expectations, or lack thereof that is instilled within them. Experts tell us that the learning process begins in the womb of the mother. Good knowledge leads to good insight and correct interpretation and constructive behavior and lifestyles. The lack of knowledge, moral guidance and encouragement leads to inappropriate thoughts, negative behavior and destructive actions and lifestyles. The use of strategy that targets and treats students like criminals will not make them better students, but alienate them from their teachers, elders and authority figures who are entrusted to provide them with the information, resources and guidance for success. For years educators have been conditioned to think that teaching Black children in the inner city is a problem, but this is not the problem, the problem lies in the methods used in teaching them and in the curriculum presented to them. We need strong, devoted and compassionate principals and teachers who are involved on a daily basis in instructional leadership in the schools, where teachers and administrative staff routinely interact to identify teaching methods that work and discard those that are not providing positive results. We also need to make the curriculum representative of the history, aspirations, environment and experiences of the student body. In Flint and other large cities where most of the students are black, the curriculum remains Eurocentric in basis and scope and it is because of this that many Black students lose interest and drop out both physically and psychologically, because they can't identify with whats being taught. Black children need to know their complete histories.
Post Mon Apr 06, 2009 5:45 am 
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