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Bryan McCree - Homegrown Comedian

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Bryan, who jokes he's "Irish on my master's side," is the nephew of the late Floyd McCree, who was elected Flint mayor in 1966, making him Flint's first black mayor and the first black mayor of an American city its size .Read More

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You are who you walk with-usewick v Suski

what role does Flint play in county lost population?

The Crisis in Nevada-Bundy admits he s racist

Genesee County Corruption - Judge Beagle and Sheriff Pickell

The Way in Which Towing Services Make Life Easy

Shrine Temple whistleblower lawsuit

Youth Quest Summer Jobs

America is an oligarchy-You need a new game plan

Lessons of a former drug dealer

No more reverse discrimination.

What does Mark Schauer stand for?

Woodrow Stanley-Monday morning political talk

Fact for the day.

County-A no-bid contract to solve procurement!

Where will extra officers come from?

More of the same from the same bunch.

Very interesting

A quick history lessons the libs dont talk about.

Community organizer agitator.

All You Require to Know About Live Technical Support Service

baking soda and other garden tips

watch out for heavy metals in pet food

Water is the new gold

No retiree health cuts for Flint-Bankruptcy next?

Deconstruction-a new cottage industry for Flint?

7 point plan

Cmon Nevada send him packing

Hip Hop rapper gets a degree.

What the hell would she blab on about anyhow.

Get the Feds the hell out.

Rebuilding Center City Plaza- private investment

Flint, Saginaw are shrinking fast

Bishop Bernadel Jefferson running for office

Texas land grab - seizes polygamists ranch

Another thug.

3 that need to be behind bars.

cummings and the lib media in cahoots.

Michigan's militant Pastors

A tenth city financial emergency, 2 under review

Elijah gets outed.

Chaos reigns again at council meeting

Why would anyone believe anything obama says?

Cooling off recall fever!

Biden and creative confrences.

Are more arrests coming in child porn case?

Hey Flint thugs.

Pinnochio obama

Nestle Corp-water not a basic human right so privitize it

What Happened To Mike Killbreath's Radio Show?

Hey libs your hero is in a jam.

They know the Reids

And the Clintons of curse.

King 810-representing Flint's hard hitting metal core

Crew-Snyder on worst Governors list

Harsh N Dakota Abortion ban overturned

She needs a few years in the gray bar motel.

How long will Flint transition take

deblasio starts his rein.

Gore and the rest of the scammers exposed

Excessive force cases from county jail

Reid liberals and the Koch bros money

5th ward meeting 4-23-14 Doyle ryder

Clerk& Register of Deeds merger a mistake?

right blames Obama for 'blood moon'

Harry you mean like 12 million illegals do.

What ya hiding Harry and son?

Oops Harry.

Why hes called dingy Harry.

Corruption is not a racial thing

Patriots 1 obama reid and the libs 0

Gentrification is violence couched in white supremacy

What a crew.

Duggan-Detroit's extreme blight measures

Cummings and Issa still fighting

AC Dumas Radio Show

bladders impacted by new voter suppression Miami Dade

OOps another one caught.

This is friggin hillarious

America- sharing the third world experience

Happens everyday all across America.

Amore De Cobra

Telliga runs for county commission

salon-America's angriest white men

Is honky a racial slur?

Barackos record

Arsonists caught -up to 30 fires

Public comment-before or after council business?

Christie-"It wasn't me"

Stop human sex trafficking

Brenda Battle Jordan-county commission candidate

What Makes You Buy Indian Real Usha Sweets & Foods?


Phil Shaltz- a county exec or a kingmaker?

Protect our water systems

Is the Land bank a scam?

wayne County-heading for Emergency Manager?

Did Young file a race discrimination case against Flint DCED

Will downtown Flint succeed?

Operation Unification and more-How much fraud?

Smith Village Lawsuit- allegations of fraud

Ken Thomas is taking on Joe Graves in 51st House race

Oil drilling in parks by our water source?

Chamber of Commerce had three years as neutral convenor

2002 Porsche Boxster For sale-Florida

Seniors may be eligible for prescription help

OOPS! did constitution forbid Towers sale?

Public corruption and no bid contracts

Singelis sues Pickell & more

Flint 108 loans and other tax breaks

SMITH VILLAGE Repayment Tab now over $2 million!

the Eric Mays Saga contiues

Metal thieves ruin my city-Mi Pols worry about beer!

Do we want all county commissioners out?

online selling and buying cars

Detroit US Attorney indicts Bounty Hunter Bloods

Saturday morning radio on WFLT 1420

Lost revenue sharing brings emergency managers?

A bunch of ball dribblers top obamas agenda.

Finding your communities audit

Flint council meeting on grants and more

Flint, like Detroit, needs more jobs for tax breaks

Why does Snyder need million dollar slush fund?



Great Photo

The Shrine and Human Trafficking

Looking for the definition of dimwit?

Another hollywood dimwit.

And the lies just keep coming

Thanks Earley-Council needs the training!

Few Things About Herbal Beauty Products & It's Benifits

Unions got sucked in by the big 0

New Fox anchor coming up.

angry rebuttal to the State of the City address


Did Snyder send fake CNN videographer to Schauer event?

Get High Return on Investment through SEO Service

Has John Gleason finally gone too far?

First Amendment depends on the judge

VW to move to state friendlier to labor?

Burton-Bentley School election under fire

County lawsuits-Cherry, Land Bank and Gleason

$10,000 a year car insurance

Flint Police Foundation

Feud between Police Department and Kettering?

Boonstra cancer ad against Peters found misleading

Could obama look any dumber?

Neeley, Sims & Davenport running for 34th State rep.

False claims for HUD grants should equal prison

Ronnie Duke facing prison for sham mortgages

Texas same sex marriage ban unconstitutional

BB Nolden running for 1st District County Commissioner

Flint should follow Detroit wth narcotic raids

Flint Urban Culture Darwin Jiles Jr arrested

John Benjamin of Anarchy Productions

Flint might legalize job creation

Fact for the day

Use your god given talents.

More idiocy from the left.

Somebody answer this one?

Obamas STOU preview.

The truth for sure

The big 0s record.

Dont have to imagine at all.

2014 crime and violence.

mcCree parking ramp-demolish or sell

More obama whoppers.

Just Show Me The Funny

Bring her to Flint. LOL

Michelles new line of cereals.

Slipslidin away.

Even the lefties fed up with the clown.

Fox News-smoke less pot & lower minority arrests

too many missing

No More Corporate Interests over Environment!

Gentrification in Flint

Rob Coffman Article

Speaking of bridges.

Rob Coffman has been FIRED!!

Satanists take on Protestants in Oklahoma

The Clock is Ticking on Rob Coffman

Juan Willams of Fox on Obama health care

AC Dumas interview with Howard Croft

Obamas big scam exposed

Tenessee assault on working poor

Detroit- No more entitled politicians

Bailing out.

Obamas latest scheme.

Christie still the man.

Obamas legacy.

Criminal Justice System racial disparities

Heroin addiction deaths on the rise

Get the facts.

Christie?? how about these.

Common core nonsense.

One for the libtards.

Real Estate For Sale in Detroit (Michigan)

The Bob Leonard Show 11 Sep 2007

Should serial child molesters get out early?

Snyder gives raises, pays Dillon, bumps cost of government

CNN on Fox news GOP-"masquerading as news".

The double standard of the left whackos.

The Maddows, Matthews and of course Webs. LOL

Approximated $6 billion spent on iPhone repairs

State has budget surplus- cities flounder

Where is Flint's Snow Plan

GOOD MORNING FLINT! SOCIAL MEDIA education group formed

Pat Clawson on Flint Journal

Should Family Court have been closed?

Extending unemployment benefits

Rob Coffman is "snarky"

Flint to return to self-governance soon?

Radio discussions on merging the district courts

Controlling liquor store signs as blight

When will corruption probe hit Flint?

High water rates were to cover city shortfalls!

Murder rates down

Flint: Violence and high water costs cause resident loss

are you brave enough to be disruptor

Mark Schauer Admits Breaking The Law, We Deserve Better!

Invest in people not corporations

2013 highlights

Do shadow governments and gangs run cities?

5th ward, FTP and KKKops in Flint

Gorilla Mob, Philly Block & Rap Gangs

Laura Dimon story on Flint dissed!

This is crime reporting needed in Flint

Rob Coffman is chock-full of integrity- so he says

More FLINT 2013 violence

Finally! Flint Police get tasers!

Implosion gas leak priority over residents?

Just what did you think would happen?

No more lib crap fouling the airways.

The Obama Holder double standard.

MIchigan public employees and PA 152-medical

Evicting the poor from the city

Was Judge Hayman asked to resign?

68th District Court Magistrate issue

Snyder screws Flint Police again!

Detroit Water- Orr wants $9 billion bond over 40 years

MLive in National Spotlight

Bridge magaine-MI Scrooged by Snyder?

Now more reverse discrimination cases at Hurley

Should Salem receive federal funding?

More HUD, NSP1 & NSP2 cost increases

After Earley- A ceremonial council

Hunger growing in Michigan

The Petition to Terminate Rob Coffman..enjoy

Online market place- Handmade Keychains

Calculate the cost of auto insurance

Car Insurance Calculator

Flint Council Training 12-14-13

VALIUM. Opening Sale - 50% Extra For All Orders

County Commissioners have lost their civility

Flint Absentee ballots in the spotlight again!

No demolition money for the Civic Park area

Meeting December 12th on Civic Park status

Rob Coffman is nearing the end...FINALLY

DMC has lawsuit aganst McLaren and Karmanos merger

Mlive trolls

Police Chief Tolbert may be the right stuff

How to make Americas future brighter in one step.

the case for candidate ineligibility because they owe money

Earley-Never said it was about Mays traffic issue!

Career Alliance -3 Execs sentenced & now a lawsuit

I though obamacare was supposed to be like free.

Detroits bankruptcy decision-will it impact Flint retirees?

No longer willing to be a victim.

A profitable investment option

Tis the season.

Flint City Councilman Eric Mays in the news

Pickell Family loss

Will smaller local contractors lose out?

State Police-are they guilty of racial profiling?

dark money crackdown for 501 (c) 4 groups


Could this happen in Flint?

Flint to be part of regional pipe line?

Will crime make you leave Flint?

3R's Hope they can make a difference

Keep up what your doing.

Hey libs its all fixed.

Davison Farmer's Market new vendor angers URC?

Carney and the big 0 get hammered

Genesee towers

Historic Designation on the chopping block

Genesee Towers safe?

Confederation of Real Estate Developers Association of India

Rangle runs his mouth-- again.

Obamacare?? what dat??

The lyin king.

Someone at this school needs to be fired.

Get to sit home smoke weed and get paid.

Must be in Flint also.

Arm your self is good advice.

And some more idiots and their offspring

With deepest regret!

Some more 2013 violence.

Obama supporter gets the news.

Community organizers get a load of barry crap


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Bob's show is on Tuesdays @ 8:00pm and rebroadcast Wednesdays @ 11pm on Comcast CH TV 17. It's alternative news about Flint and the surrounding communities. Click here to watch shows online here on Flint Talk.


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